We are committed to an exceptional experience for every patient.  We gauge our success from our patients’ feedback.  Below are some comments.

Ann M.
★★★★★ On Google, October 21 2019

Dr. Kim and her employees have excellent chair side manners, and upon having casual conversation with her it is very reassuring to know that she attends educational conventions abroad to stay abreast of the latest innovations internationally as well as nationally. I appreciate an expanded approach to medical practices rather than doctors only relying on the same old procedures that lack modern innovation and the latest evidence based research. She recommended some wonderful skincare products to me and administered a very thorough BBL photofacial (this is my second one from her). Highly recommend her, being of asian descent I appreciate her ability to work with my skin tone without causing any unwanted side effects. Looking forward to my next photofacial with her and her team :).

Suzi J.
★★★★★ On Facebook, July 18 2019

Dr. Kim’s office is beautiful. She and her staff are wonderful. Great experience and results!

Zachary H.
★★★★★ On Google, June 19th 2019

Dr. Kim was great. After reading some of the reviews I was hesitant about going here but I was walked through everything. I never felt rushed or pressured to purchase anything. I was able to schedule my procedure the same day after my consultation and it couldn’t have went any smoother.

Cynthia T.
★★★★★ On Google, June 5th 2019

My experience at my last appointment was very reassuring concerning my skin. I appreciate the kind service.

Tom S. 
★★★★★ On Realself, May 29th 2019

I went in for my second HALO treatment and it could not have been any better. After my first session, my skin’s appearance was so improved and the large scar on my left cheek (from a procedure over 15 years ago) had distinctly faded. Stacia, one of Dr Kim’s talented staffers, did the prep work on me and also the post-procedure work — she’s great! Dr Kim did the actual laser treatment and she was so smooth in the application of the laser. She talked to me throughout the procedure to be sure I was doing alright and I appreciated her concern; but, she is so masterful with the laser tools and I had no difficulties whatsoever.
The recovery after the second treatment has been much easier than the first, in part, I think, because I was more aware of the actual physical effects I would be seeing and feeling and I knew better how to mitigate them; a noticeable decrease in anxiety, for sure. I have to say, the directions Dr Kim gave me for dealing with the aftereffects and the skin recovery products she gave me were perfect: I followed the directions to a tee and everything went smoothly during my recovery.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Dr Jessica Kim and her staff at Summit Dermatology are simply the best; which is why she’s been my dermatologist for more than 15 years.

Michaelle R.
★★★★★ On Yelp, April 16th 2019

I have been seeing Dr. Kim for approximately one year and have found her and her staff to be caring and supportive. When Dr. Kim walks into the room, she greets me with a warm smile and is always happy. She is very professional and knowledgeable about current therapies and treatments. Whenever I have had questions, Dr. Kim was able to answer them in detail and make me feel comfortable. I receive compliments daily on how beautiful my skin looks! This is definitely due to Dr. Kim and her passion to make my skin look healthier & younger. Thank you!!

Julie W.
★★★★★ On Yelp, April 16th 2019

Beautiful office and staff! Dr. Kim is professional, approachable and kind. So many new skin care/treatments available and she provides information on the pros and cons of different treatments and made recommendations based on my skin and issues I was concerned about. I initially went to see her for sun damage to my face: including dark spots, dry patches and freckles. Her treatments have erased most of the freckles and dark spots but also improved the color and texture of my skin. She explains the treatment process I had laser peel, how it will feel, what to expect during /after and what the healing process typically looks like and how long it lasts! She makes recommendations regarding additional treatments based on my skins response to treatments and what my priorities are. Dr. Kim and her staff have become part of my regular skin routine ~ they also have great skin care products/sunscreens ~ love the results from each appt with Dr. Kim and her terrific staff!!

Kathy B.
★★★★★ On Yelp, April 14th 2019

I will never go to another dermatologist again. Dr. Kim is the most knowledgeable doctor I’ve been too. Her and her staff are extremely thorough and professional. I felt cared for and comfortable from start to finish. I was given a well explained plan that would help me achieve what I was looking for. I have no complaints about my procedures and am excited to see more progress.

Tom S.
★★★★★ On Yelp, April 9th 2019

If I could give ten stars to Dr. Jessica Kim and Summit Dermatology, I would. Dr. Kim’s professionalism, knowledge, skill, and ability are top-notch. And I can attest that she has the gentlest touch whether meticulously examining my skin with her fingers or deftly using the latest instruments and devices with precision. All the members of her staff at Summit Dermatology (Daija, Abby, Stacia, et al) are very proficient in their craft and fully dedicated to serving the clients. When I walk into SD, the cozy surroundings of the office and the warmth of the greetings from her staff put me comfortably at ease. I know immediately that I’m in good hands.
Most recently, I was at Summit Dermatology for a HALO laser therapy procedure. Two weeks prior to having the treatment, Dr. Kim carefully explained to me all the aspects of the HALO procedure (what was being done, how long it would take, what I would feel when the lasers were applied to my skin, etc.), the recovery measures following the treatment, and the long-term impact the HALO therapy would have on my facial skin issues. She also provided me with accurate written materials that complemented and supplemented what she briefed me. Now that I’ve had the treatment, I can verify that it all happened in exactly the way Dr. Kim told me it would happen. I faithfully followed her post-procedure instructions and the recovery treatment oils and lotions she provided me worked beautifully to ease facial discomfort and stimulate healthy skin recovery.
Dr. Kim and her wonderful staff at Summit Dermatology are quite simply the very best. I’m nearly 73 and for almost 20 years Dr. Kim has been my dermatologist treating my medical and cosmetic skin issues – I trust her completely. Summit Dermatology is my place to go and Dr. Kim is my doctor to see. I strongly recommend that you make Summit Dermatology your place to go and Dr. Jessica Kim your dermatologist, too.

Cathy G.
★★★★★ On Yelp, April 4th 2019

I have been going for the past few months in preparation for my upcoming wedding (I’m 68) and it has been amazing. My skin improvement and the attention to my comfort has been great and now I don’t have to be afraid of my wedding photographer. Thank you Dr. Kim and great staff.

★★★★★ On RealSelf, March 27th 2019

Just returned from my third IPL treatment with Dr. Jessica Kim at Summit Dermatology in Olympia, WA. Dr. Kim and the Summit staff are professional, and don’t keep patients waiting in the lobby. I appreciate her candid communication and suggestions without a heavy sales pitch. Aging and brown spots disappear over several days with one or two IPL treatments. Will keep getting this treatment with the team at Summit Dermatology!

April S. 
★★★★★ On Yelp, March 13th 2019

Underwent Cellfina (cellulite treatment) and tattoo removal from Dr. Kim/Summit Dermatology in Olympia. I am amazed at my results and couldn’t be happier! The cellulite on my butt is significantly improved. Dr. Kim always seems to have my best interest in mind, she is extremely personable and it’s obvious she is an expert in her field. Going in for cosmetic procedures can be daunting and sometimes embarrassing, but my experience with her office has been wonderful and I feel well taken care of. Would absolutely recommend her to my friends and family.

Tara L.

★★★★★ On RealSelf, January 20th 2019

Dr. Kim and her staff are friendly, knowledgeable and inviting. I was encouraged to ask any questions, or voice any concerns I had. I felt listened to the entire time, and never rushed. I will absolutely be returning and highly recommend this office!

Jennifer B.

★★★★★ On RealSelf, June 5th 2018

As soon as I walked in I knew this was my place. The girls that helped me were great. They did a thorough job explaining all the details to the service! When doctor Kim came in she was so great. I was a little nervous but she reassured me and was excited for me! Her and Michaela work great together to get the job done! Thanks so much guys!!!

Diane S.

★★★★★ On Facebook, April 20th 2018

I have been a patient of Dr. Kim for over 10 years. She is by far the best DERMATOLOGY doctor in our State. Her office and staff are immaculate. I would never go to another DERMATOLOGIST. She has the best updated equipment and she is a highly trained doctor. Her staff are all cross trained and know the profession well.

Beth Z.

★★★★★ On Facebook, April 20th 2018

Summit Dermatology is a fabulous place! It is beautiful inside and very calm and serene. The staff are wonderful and very knowledgeable. Dr. Kim is amazing! Thank you for an awesome visit today!

Rene S.

★★★★★ On Yelp, April 6th 2018

Dr. Jessica Kim is fantastic!  I love her personal approach to her patients.  He mannerisms are professional and warm.  She connects well with her patients and is friendly.  She answers all question in a manner in which you can understand and doesn’t mind explaining the details of what she is doing and how your body responds (if you like the details) The office is very clean and has the most current equipment.  I’ve had some sun damage and we talked about all the options and came up with a game plan to treat it now, ongoing and how to touch up in time. I’ve also had some fillers and Dysport.  I like that the treatments to NOT make me look plastic and fake.  Her approach is to make you look as close to normal as possible and make people wonder “what has changed”. I absolutely would not risk a medical procedure in the hands of someone who isn’t as skilled as a medical doctor.   Visit her office, you will NOT be disappointed.

Carol B.
★★★★★ On Facebook, March 19th 2018

Super friendly and very professional!!
Thank you Dr. Kim and staff!!

Kimber J.
★★★★★ On Facebook, January 23rd 2018

Professional, explained in detail without overwhelming, to the point. I am happy with my results so far

Melissa D.
★★★★★ On Yelp, January 8th 2018

I had my first appointment with Dr.Kim four days ago. The office is very modern and clean. Her staff was super friendly, professional, and they all had beautiful skin. Dr.Kim was very nice and knowledgeable. They were up front with the costs for treatment and even had the option to start that day. I opted to think about it due to cost, but I did buy some of the skincare products she recommended. I bought the cleanser, toner, and face serum. These are seriously the best products I’ve ever used! I’ve only been using the products for four days and I already see a huge improvement in my skin clarity and texture. I can’t wait to see what results I’ll get from continued use!

Alexa K.
★★★★★ On Facebook, December 22nd 2017

It was totally worth the 90 min. drive! Dr. Kim took the time to explain multiple treatment options as well as the benefits that none of the other dermatologist that I’ve seen previously.
The staff members were kind and professional.
I will continue to see her for follow up.
Thank you Dr. Kim!

Chrissy F.
★★★★★ On Facebook, November 28th 2017
This was my first time going to a dermatologist for cosmetic reasons, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. During my initial consultation, they analyzed my skin and targeted areas that needed improvement. The great thing was that Dr. Kim and her assistant came up with a year long plan to get my skin in better shape. They realize that the process can be overwhelming for new patients, so there was absolutely no pressure to commit to anything at the consultation. I was given a print out of all of the treatments that they felt would be best for me, and told me to go home and think about it. The office is relaxing and the staff is pleasant. Can’t wait to come back in for my treatments!
Tina D.
★★★★★ On Facebook, October 4th 2017
I expected improved skin but what I’ve received so far has been nothing short of exceptional. My face has a healthy natural glow, I’m much more aware of sun protection and I feel like I have a team of professionals helping me make educated choices about skin care based on my goals.
Amy P.
★★★★★ On Facebook, September 9th 2017
First of all, this place is beautiful, high end and clean. They definitely stand out in Olympia. Dr. Kim is professional and very smart, gives great advice and offers the best, up to date services in the industry. Her Estheticians are incredible too, so friendly and offer outstanding facials, lasers and services themselves. Very happy here!
Amy J.
★★★★★ On Yelp, August 3rd 2017

Dr. Kim is FABULOUS!!!  She gives realistic advice, taking into account YOUR GOALS not someone else’s. I feel like she really listens to me and love how available her staff is for follow up questions. Her office is modern, clean and airy. Thank you for coming to Thurston County!!

Jenn B.
★★★★★ On RealSelf, June 7th 2017
As soon as I walked in I knew this was my place. The girls that helped me were great. They did a thorough job explaining all the details to the service! When doctor Kim came in she was so great. I was a little nervous but she reassured me and was excited for me! Her and Daija work great together to get the job done! Thanks so much guys!!!
This was also my first time at a dermetology office! The office is very clean and enjoyable! Everyone was incredibly friendly and I am looking forward to bringing my family members in!
Jennie R

★★★★★ On Facebook, May 25th 2017

Dr. Kim was professional, kind, and caring. She answered my questions and addressed my concerns. She helped me choose the right skincare treatments for me. She scheduled a two week follow up, which is great. At my former dermatologist’s office, I would have to call if I wanted a follow up, and wait a great length of time to get in. At the follow up, she made further suggestions and offered her opinion, which I appreciate. I’m looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Dr. Kim.

Tom S.

★★★★★ On Reviews Today, March 10th 2017

I first met Dr. Jessica Kim when she was assigned at Madigan. Over the past fifteen years or so she has been my dermatologist. I continue to marvel at her skill, her manner, her knowledge, and her delightful personality. I trust her like no other. Her staff at SD are absolutely terrific, too. The “care” I receive at SD is more than just medical — it’s genuinely personal. I heartily recommend Dr. Kim and am proud and grateful she’s my doctor

Kim W.
★★★★★ On Yelp, March 9th 2017

Had my first appointment today, $50 consulting fee that is credited to your bill if you have a procedure.  I have some sun damage, normal wrinkles and concerns.  We discussed skin maintenance and procedures plus of course fees.  Very professional, clean and quick.  I was able to have my first procedure on the spot and was in and out in one hour.  Dr. Kim and her assistant were very kind and always checking to see how I was doing.  I will definitely return.

Melissa S.
★★★★★ On Google, March 7th 2017
Excellent customer service, informative consultation, and exceptional results. I will be scheduling more procedures.
Kelsy H.
★★★★★ On Facebook, March 7th 2017
I had an excellent first experience at Summit and saw results in the first week. I am looking forward to my next IPL treatment
Anna C.
★★★★★ On Yelp, February 8th 2017

The office is very modern, friendly, and clean. The staff contacted me very quickly after I requested information. I was able to get an appointment within a very quick turnaround time. I went for later tattoo removal, and was able to have the first session at the first appointment. The procedure was quick. The staff and doctor were knowledgeable, friendly, and very helpful. I go back in five weeks for my second session. I am looking forward to going back and getting rid of my tattoo.

To update – I have had three sessions total to date. I have seen substantial lightening of this tattoo. Which by the way, is saturated with dark purple and could take six to twelve total sessions to remove.With each session we have increased the laser intensity slightly to make sure it is comfortable and appropriate. I took the summer off to allow more time for healing but I am ready to go back for my next round of sessions. This is a painful process but so worth it!!! I have hated this tattoo since I got it.

★★★★★ On Reviews Today, January 26th 2017
Dr.Kim is knowledgeable, took the time to explain procedure and expected outcomes.
Brenda N.
★★★★★ On Reviews Yelp, January 25th 2017

I was really pleased with my visits to Dr Jessica Kim.  Her staff is super nice, her office is beautiful and Dr Kim was great. She is caring and attentive to your needs. I had prompt appointments and options presented to me.  I would highly recommend her.

Gwen M.
★★★★★ On Reviews Today, January 20th 2017
Dr. Kim is amazing. Looking forward to my next treatment
Cheryl P.
★★★★★ On Reviews Today, January 19th 2017
I can recommend Dr. Kim without reservation. I have seen her for several years for dysport & filler, and just had my first laser genesis treatment which was wonderful! Dr. Kim is highly skilled and trained. I have always loved the results of treatments received. Her pricing is really good, and both she & her staff take the time to answer all of your questions. They are wonderful!
Chloe J.
★★★★★ On Facebook, January 18th 2017
Beautiful space, the entire staff is super friendly, knowledgeable and very professional!
Falisha S.
★★★★★ On Facebook, January 18th 2017
This was my first time at a dermatologist office and I absolutely loved it! Dr. Kim’s space is beautiful, very clean and inviting. They were all so friendly. Her equipment and technology were all brand new and top of the line. I was so nervous to get Botox, and it was so nice to have snacks and water available in the waiting area. It really helped my calm my nerves. My palms were sweaty because I didn’t know what to expect and they made the process so easy! I barely felt anything when getting the Botox. I love that she was able to put just the right amounts where I needed it. Looking forward to coming back for more treatments.
Teyah A.
★★★★★ On Facebook, January 16th 2017
Finally got to meet Dr. Kim and her staff. Their office is so beautiful and they are extremely nice and professional. Received Botox and it was very clean and precise. Look forward to having my lips done in the near future!
Michelle J.
★★★★★ On Reviews Today, January 12th 2017
Dr. Kim is the best in her field! I have been seeing her for over 10 years. I lost touch with her after she left her last practice and had to see other doctors, so when I found out she opened her own practice I couldn’t wait to reunite with her. It takes me an hour longer to go see her but if it were 2 hours I would do it.. she is that good. She always knows the latest technology and has the top of the line products and machines. She listens to you, never rushes you, and is honestly concerned about helping you with your skin issues. She never talks you into anything and always explains what to expect . Dr. Kim is very compassionate and wants you to feel good about yourself. Please don’t think twice about seeing her. You will not be sorry. Also Machelle and Daija , her assistants, are sweethearts and always answer your questions and make you feel welcome. Olympia is very lucky to have Summit Dermatology and Dr.Kim!!
Michael D.
★★★★★ On Reviews Today, January 9th 2017
Fantastic skill and expertise. A warm and welcoming staff in a modern efficient environment. As a physician myself, I am careful who I entrust with the healthcare needs of my family, without a doubt Dr Kim has earned my trust and is an expert in her field.
Angela H.
★★★★★ On Facebook, January 9th 2017
I had a pretty awful tattoo on my wrist that I got as a teenager. I was just beginning a new career and it was time for it to go! I went to Summit Dermatology to have it removed. The staff was very
knowledgeable about the process and what to expect as far as discomfort level, length of the treatment, the amount of treatments that would be needed, and the healing process in between treatments and after care. I was initially pretty nervous about getting it done because I had heard that it was very painful. While, it was uncomfortable, the procedure was very quick, so it was tolerable and totally worth the results. They applied a numbing cream, and provided an ice pack before the treatment, which helped a lot. I had one treatment without using the ice, and I definitely recommend icing the area beforehand, it makes quite a difference. Overall, it was a tolerable level of discomfort. I’m very pleased with the results. I didn’t experience any blistering or scarring. The staff is super friendly and professional, I definitely recommend!
Kay M.
★★★★★ On Facebook, December 18th 2016
Great staff and Dr Kim is the most caring knowledgeable dermatologist in the area. She has a True passion for aesthetics & utilizes the most up 2 date treatments!
Diane S.
★★★★★ On Reviews Today, December 17th 2016
Dr. Kim is the finest doctor of Dermatology I have ever been to.
She is always current on new technology and she frequently takes training classes on the latest cosmetic procedures. I have been
seeing her for at least 6 years and knew her when she was in her former practice. The practice was very large and Dr. Kim was well known as the best Dermatologist there.
I would and do always recommend her.
Cathy S.
★★★★★ On Reviews Today, December 16th 2016
Dr. Kim and her staff were extremely kind, considerate and compassionate. My first session had been very painful, and Dr. Kim made sure that my second session had a limited amount of pain and was able to accomplish very positive results. I already feel years younger.
Jennifer W.
★★★★★ On Reviews Today, December 9th 2016
Great experience! I got a lip filler at a different clinic before and the service and education at summit was exceptional in comparison.
Mark Y.
★★★★★ On Reviews Today, December 8th 2016
I would recommend her to anyone. I have been seeing Dr. Kim for 6 years now. I trust her for keeping an eye on my skin issues. She is very professional and the friendliest doctor I have ever had. She makes you feel very comfortable. That is why I continue to see her. Excellent office call prices. Thanks!
Matthew S.
★★★★★ On Reviews Today, December 1st 2016
Its a beautiful comfortable place with people with great knowledge and excellent service i recommend
Lora B.
★★★★★ On Reviews Today, November 29th 2016
Dr. Kim is the best!
Melody W.
★★★★★ On Reviews Today, November 22nd 2016
As always, great experience and results . I have been seeing Dr. Kim for about 8 years and she always is professional and does beautiful work!
Betty R.
November 9th 2016
★★★★★  On Facebook, Dr. Jessica Kim is the best!! She is very skilled and accurate and makes you feel so welcome and comfortable. She is very knowledgeable on all the latest techniques to make your skin beautiful and youthful. Her office is beautifully decorated and clean. The staff is nice. I have been seeing her for years and highly recommend her.
Jenny S.
★★★★★On Reviews Today, November 4th 2016
Everything was professional and fun. Very happy with Dr. Kim and her staff.
Judy J.
★★★★★ On Reviews Today, November 4th 2016
You’re all so welcoming and thoughtful. I’m also very impressed with your expertise and exceptional caregiving.
Reuben K.
★★★★★ On Reviews Today, November 4th 2016
Very nice people keep me very comfortable little sore today can’t wait till it heals up!
Stacey B.
★★★★★ On Reviews Today, October 20th 2016
Dr. Kim not only offers the most advanced technology but is personable and is an artist at her craft of beauty. Her staff is friendly too. I would highly recommend this office as Tunwater Best Kept Secret since her office is so new and so advanced in their approach to almost every spectrum of the aesthetic industry from hair growth to cellulite reduction.
Ginny L.
★★★★★ On Reviews Today, October 20th 2016
Dr. Kim and her staff are very professional along with being so friendly. She listens to you and suggests great options that will accomplish your goals. I look forward to going back again!!! Great place!!!
Kacy S.
★★★★★ On Reviews Today, October 18th 2016
Dr. Kim is superb! I have the “tired look” and my focus has always been my cheek area until Dr. Kim! By putting my trust in Dr. Kim’s extensive experience, has made a huge difference in how I look. She knows what she is doing, master injector, she is patient, explains the procedure, she listens to your concerns and if you don’t want something she won’t push you! I strongly recommend going to Summit Dermatology and seeing Dr. Kim!
Patricia K.
★★★★★ On Facebook, August 25th 2016
“Dr. Kim is an exceptional physician who takes pride in perfection. She is not only a highly trained Doctor, she is compassionate and caring . Her staff is top notch.!! I would highly recommend Dr. Kim.”
Robyn L.
★★★★★ On Facebook, July 11th 2016
“Dr. Kim is a wonderful provider. Her expertise in Aesthetic Dermatology and compassion for quality patient care is amazing.  Congratulations on your new clinic!”
Theresa N.
★★★★★ On Reviews Today, June 17th 2016

“Just had a visit with Dr. Kim at her new location. Such a beautiful office and staff. Thank you!”

Boni S.
★★★★★ On Facebook, June 13th 2016

“An amazing team and Doctor! Excited to see the new place and Dr. Kim on Friday!”

Tonia R.
★★★★★ On Facebook, April 16th 2016
“Dr. Kim – I have been searching for months trying to find out where you might be. I haven’t had Botox in a little over a year and I won’t let anyone else do my touch ups! I am thrilled I came across your website this evening and I can’t wait to make an appointment and see your new clinic. I already let another friend know the good news because she won’t let anyone do her touch ups either. Congratulations on the new clinic Dr. Kim! Can’t wait to see you.”

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