Ear Lobe Repair

What Is Ear Lobe Repair?

The auricle (outside) of the ear is composed entirely of soft tissue.  The more rigid areas consist of only skin covering cartilage with a minor amount of connective tissue between the two, while the ear lobe itself is just a fatty tissue deposit at the bottom of the auricle.  These are fragile structures that are very susceptible to damage, especially after being pierced; large and heavy pieces of jewelry will only exacerbate the weakness of the ear lobe.  Luckily, because there is no cartilage in the actual ear lobes, they can generally be repaired with successful results and minimal risk of deformity.

If a person’s ear lobe does split, whether from jewelry being aggressively pulled or through chronic use of heavy weighted jewelry, the procedure is quite simple.  Local anesthetic is applied through injection into the ear lobe and the two ends of the tear are brought together by both dissolving sutures in the inner tissue and skin sutures on the surface.  The wound is given some ointment as a dressing as is expected to drain itself as it heals.

Is Earlobe Surgery Painful?

Ear lobe reconstruction patients generally do not need pain medication, as over-the-counter pain relievers will suffice if discomfort persists.

How To Prepare For Your Earlobe Surgery

The ear should be washed daily for a week after surgery, but no piercings or jewelry may be used for two to six months after surgery.  Skin sutures, if used, will be removed one to two weeks after surgery.  Otherwise, recovery is quite fast, with most patients returning to normal activity in less than a week.

Earlobe Surgery Risks

As with all surgical procedures, risks of infection and scarring do exist.  These risks can be controlled by conscientious and diligent care by both patient and doctor.

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